Flemming R. Ovesen / Torben Taustrup

Missing star in Jones 1?

Missing or variable star?
For fun I compared the Guide 8 supplied with the A2 stars and found that a star was missing from our own image taken on April 3. 2003 - marked.
The image is taken with our 12.5" f:5 Newtonian. The Cookbook Camera worked 755 x 242 resolution and the faintest stars are at 20th magnitude- the star is not on the image. Note that galaxies are not shown in the Guide image.

The position of the missing star is:
7h57m56.3847" - +52 24' 25.040"
R mag. 17.7 - B mag. 18.8

The closest neighbor - blue at eight o'clock is: R mag. 18.3 - B mag. 17.9

Later I found out by checking the Palomar Sky Survey exposure of the area that the extra dot in the A2 star cataloq is not supposed to be there - it's a simple error.


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