Flemming R. Ovesen / Torben Taustrup

Jupiter, November 18, 17:03 and 17:37 UT. The dark spot is the shadow of the moon Ganymede.
Seeing conditions were above average. The sky was not perfectly clear. The images are taken through a thin layer of Cirrus clouds.

November 11, 17:58 UT. The dark spot is the shadow of the moon Ganymede. Two moons are seen in the lower right corner - closest to the planet is Europa, next Ganymede. In the upper left corner you can see the moon Io.
Seeing conditions were moderate. Later on clouds drifted into the field and made it even worse.

Image far left: Eyepiece projection of Jupiter taken 20. September between 21:00 and 22:00 UT. Focal length is around 8 meters. Exposure time 0.1 sec. The chip worked at 242 x 252 resolution. This particular frame is the best of 20 saved on the hard disk during the one hour session.
Image 2 and 3 are taken exactly one month later - October 20th, exposure time between: 18:00-19:00 UT. The atmosphere was not so calm this particular October evening - still a couple of long festoons can be seen attached to the northern equatorial belt.


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