Flemming R. Ovesen / Torben Taustrup


Mars - angular diameter: 14.36" and 98.07% illuminated, April 5. 01:19 UT. The central meridian is 327.1. This is a four frame image stacked by using Frank Sorensens "FITS" program. The air turbulence this morning varied between low and moderate.

March 26. 1950 (22:00 UT - estimated). Drawing made by the english amateur astronomer, George Alcock. He used a 4 inch refractor operating at 244 x magnification. The central meridian is close to the one in the CCD image. At the time of observation the planet's declination was 3 degrees north - diameter 14.40 arcseconds.
Source: Sky&Telescope, May 1999 - page 86.

Technical data CCD image:
Eyepiece projection, focal length 9.9 meters (F:49). Cookbook CCD camera. Resolution: 252 x 242. Exposure time: 0.1 sec.

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