Flemming R. Ovesen / Torben Taustrup

The Sun

June 15. - 14:43 UT. - Region 9042

There are 43 seconds between the two images. In that short time a major change has taken place. Check the difference by crossing your eyes and make the two images become one. You will observe a sun flare emerging from the biggest sun spot.

The two images subtracted from each other. It looks as if the flare changed appearance during the 43 seconds. Subtraction made by Bertil Dorch.

Technical data:
Mylar filter, eyepiece projection, focal length 9.9 meters (F:134 = 74 mm opening). Cookbook CCD camera. Resolution: 252 x 242. Field size: 2.2' x 1.7'. Exposure time: 0.01 sec.

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